Ministry of Labour and Citizens' Services

AgriStability Appeals

If you feel the program rules were not correctly applied to the processing of your application you may submit an appeal request identifying the specific issue you wish to be reconsidered. The AgriStability administration will review your case and, if unable to resolve your appeal issue, your case may be referred to the Appeals Committee for consideration. If the issue you wish to be reconsidered would create an exception from the rules outlined in the program authorities (that is, if you disagree with program rules, and not their application) your appeal request will be denied by the Administration and will not be forwarded to the Appeals Committee.

The Appeals Committee will review appeals, and make a recommendation to the Administration, in accordance with procedures established by British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture and the Federal-Provincial agreements governing the program. The Committee does not have the ability to create exceptions to program policies, such as eligibility criteria or any other provisions included in the Program Guidelines and the Growing Forward Agreement. All recommendations made by the Committee are considered non-binding.

Appeal requests must be submitted using the AgriStability Appeal Submission form and submitted to the AgriStability administration:

AgriStability Program Appeals
#200-1690 Powick Road

Kelowna, B.C.
V1X 7G5
Toll Free Fax:  1-877-605-8467

You must submit your written request within 90 days from the date you were notified (in writing) of the decision you are appealing (e.g. 90 days from notification that your adjustment request has not be accepted by the AgriStability administration). Appeal letters must clearly identify the nature of the appeal and provide sufficient information and documentation to substantiate the appeal.

Extenuating Circumstances

The Administration may excuse a missed deadline where a participant can demonstrate exceptional circumstances. Exceptional circumstances can be cited where the failure to meet the deadlines of the Program could not have been avoided by the exercise of due care by the producer or a third party acting on behalf of the producer.

Important Note: Adjustment Requests

If you wish to change the information which was either originally submitted on your AgriStability forms or used in calculating your program benefits, you can request an adjustment within 18 months from notification of your original Calculation of Program Benefits notice. To request an adjustment, please use the AgriStability and AgriInvest Programs Additional Information and Adjustment Request T1275 (PDF version). If your adjustment request is denied, and you choose to file an appeal, the appeal request must be submitted within 90 days from the date you are notified.