Ministry of Agriculture

Enterprise Budgets - Planning for Profit

Budgets included in this section are historical. The information is provided as a tool for projecting costs and returns for B.C. farm enterprises and as a general guide for planning individual farms. The sample budget should be used as a guide only and should not be used for business analysis without adjustments to current prices for inputs and products. Each farm should develop their own budget to reflect their production goals, costs and market prices.

Poultry & Specialized Poultry:
Twenty Acre Mixed Livestock Operation: Broilers, Layers/Eggs, Sheep, Beef: Full Production (PDF, 319KB) Vancouver Island Spring 2008
Hay Chicken - Small Scale (PDF, 53KB) Winter  2002
5000 Free Range, Organic Layers (PDF, 46KB) Lower Mainland Winter 2002
5000 Free Run Layers (PDF, 44KB) Lower Mainland Winter 2002
Broiler Hen Turkeys (PDF, 38KB) Fraser Valley Spring 2000
Heavy Hen Turkey (PDF, 39KB) Fraser Valley Spring 2000
Heavy Tom Turkeys (PDF, 39KB) Fraser Valley Spring 2000
Broilers (10,000 birds) New Grower pgm (PDF, 74KB) Fraser Valley Summer 94
Broilers (40,000 birds) (PDF, 16KB) Fraser Valley Fall 96
Broilers (100,000 birds) (PDF, 16KB) Fraser Valley Fall 96
Broilers (50,000) (PDF, 15KB) Vancouver Is Summer 98
Broilers (50,000) (PDF, 14KB) Fraser Valley Summer 98
Broiler Breeders (PDF, 15KB) Fraser Valley Fall 96
Roasters (300,000 kgs annually) (PDF, 89KB) Fraser Valley Summer 92
Layers (PDF, 16KB) Vancouver Is. Summer 96
Layers 15,000 (PDF, 17KB) Vancouver Is. Summer 98
Layers (PDF, 16KB) Fraser Valley Summer 96
Layers 15,000 (PDF, 16KB) Fraser Valley Summer 98
Layers (PDF, 16KB) Interior Summer 96
Layers 15,000 (PDF, 19KB) Interior Summer 98
Emu Breeding Stock (PDF, 157KB) Fraser Valley Spring 93
Ostrich Breeding Stock (PDF, 18KB) Fraser Valley Spring 98
Pheasants (PDF, 18KB) Fraser Valley Summer 98
Quail Eggs (PDF, 14KB) Fraser Valley Spring 98
Quail (PDF, 83KB) Fraser Valley Spring 94
Silkies (PDF, 17KB) Fraser Valley Summer 98
Squab (PDF, 15KB) Fraser Valley Summer 98