Ministry of Agriculture

Peach Twig Borer
Anarsia lineatella (Zeller)


Peach twig borer larva

Male peach twig borer moth

Life Cycle: Overwinter on host as larvae that emerge and feed before pupating in May. Moths present in June and again in late July-August. First larval brood present in late June-July; second present in late August. Two generations per year.

Monitoring: Monitor male moths with pheromone traps. To detect larval feeding damage, inspect shoots and leaf clusters in the spring and stem end of fruit in the summer.

Hosts: Peach, apricot, occasionally plum and prune.

Comments: Growing shoots killed by twig borer show a flagged appearance. This damage is also characteristic of oriental fruit moth larvae. The larvae of these two species could also appear in the fruit at the same time where oriental fruit moth is present. The peach twig borer larva is reddish brown while the oriental fruit moth larva is white to pinkish in color. The latter has yet to be found in B.C.

Body length: Adult - 11.0mm; Mature larva - 12.0mm


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