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Non-Native and Invasive Pests

There are many non-native, invasive pests that threaten British Columbia's economy, including the agriculture and forest industries, and the environment. Prevention, early detection, control or eradication of these pests is key to preventing their establishment in B.C. Commercial producers and home gardeners alike should be vigilant to help keep B.C. free of these potentially damaging pests. To help in this effort, report suspected finds of new invasive pests or diseases to your nearest Ministry of Agriculture office, or a regional office of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Report invasive plants to the B.C. Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, Invasive Plant Program.

The following links provide more information on serious pests that have either not been detected in B.C. (e.g. Plum Pox Virus), or are present but not widely distributed or under official control programs (e.g. gypsy moth). Also refer to the factsheets Invasive Alien Species - No Rest from New Pests (PDF, 654 KB) and Invasives - Prevention and Early Detection (PDF, 465 KB) for more information on the threat of non-native pests, and the factsheet Biosecurity Guidelines for information on protecting farms from introduction and spread of plant pests and diseases.


bacterial ring rotBacterial Ring Rot Blueberry Scorch Chrysanthemum white rustChrysanthemum White Rust Dutch Elm DiseaseDutch Elm Disease filbert blightEastern Filbert Blight Little Cherry VirusLittle Cherry Virus
golden nematodePotato Cyst Nematodes Grapevine phytoplasmas oak wiltOak Wilt Plum Pox VirusPlum Pox Virus geraniumRalstonia solanacearum Phytophthora capsici on pumpkin Phytophthora capsici blight
phytophthora ramorumPhytophthora ramorum blight potato wartPotato Wart Tomato Chlorotic Dwarf Viroid

Insects and other Pests

Apple Clearwing Moth Apple MaggotApple Maggot Asian long-horned beetleAsian Long-horned Beetle balsam woolly adelgidBalsam Woolly Adelgid blueberry maggotBlueberry Maggot brown marmorated stink bug adultBrown Marmorated Stink Bug
cereal leaf beetleCereal Leaf Beetle daylily midgeDaylily Midge Emerald ash borerEmerald Ash Borer European brown garden snailEuropean Brown Garden Snail European chaferEuropean Chafer gypsy mothGypsy Moth
Japanese cedar long-horned beetleJapanese Cedar Longhorn Beetle Japanese beetleJapanese Beetle Oriental Fruit MothOriental Fruit Moth pine shoot beetlePine Shoot Beetle plum curculioPlum Curculio spotted wing drosophilaSpotted Wing Drosophila
Swede MidgeSwede Midge          


carpet burweedCarpet Burweed weedInvasive Plant Alert kudzuKudzu weedNoxious Weeds weedWeed Alerts yellow starthistleYellow Starthistle

For Invasive Plant issues, contact staff at the B.C. Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, Invasive Plant Program.

For a complete list of pests regulated by British Columbia, please see the Legislation Administered by the Plant Health Program Web page.

For a complete list of pests regulated by Canada, please see the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's Web site.

The British Columbia Plant Protection Advisory Council provides a forum to address plant health and plant quarantine issues of concern to British Columbia.

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