Ministry of Agriculture

Statistics used in Variety Trial Work

This report summarizes the statistics used in trials.  Forage Varieties trials are conducted by the BC Forage Council (their website is, grain variety trials are conducted by the Research Committee of the BC Grain Producers Association (their website is

Coefficient of Variation % (CV % )

The Coefficient of Variation % indicates the fair comparison between varieties and the uniformity of a test. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Alberta Agriculture have determined a maximum value of 15% for cereals, 18% for peas and 20% for canola. Any data which has a higher value than the maximum CV is usually discarded.

Least Significant Difference (LSD)

The Least Significant Difference or range test indicates whether entry results are significantly different statistically. Entry means followed by a common letter are not significantly different at alpha =.10.


Funding for these trials. (BC Investment Agriculture Foundation, Cattle Industry Development Fund, Nechako Kitimaat Development Fund, BC Peace River Grain Industry Development Council, Peace River Agriculture Development Fund, Etc.) Special thanks are extended to all the individuals and research facilities that have supplied the seed and valuable advice.

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