Ministry of Agriculture and Lands

BCMAL Greenhouse Vegetables Fact Sheets & Publications

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Title Format
Bacterial Canker of Greenhouse Tomatoes HTML
BC Jobs Plan Special Report: The BC Greenhouse Sector PDF
Emerging Virus Diseases of Greenhouse Vegetable Crops HTML
Farm Practices: Greenhouse PDF
Greenhouse Vegetable Crop Clean-up (HTML) or (PDF) HTML or 
Gummy Stem Blight of Greenhouse Cucumber HTML
Irrigation Water Quality for BC Greenhouses PDF
Management of Powdery Mildew, Leveillula taurica, in Greenhouse Peppers (HTML) or (PDF) HTML or
Management Strategies for Botrytis Blight & Stem Canker on Greenhouse Tomato HTML
Management Strategies for Pythium Diseases of Greenhouse Vegetable Crops in British Columbia (HTML) or (PDF) HTML or
On-Farm and Greenhouse Sanitation and Disinfection Practices HTML
Penicillium Stem Rot of Greenhouse Cucumber HTML
Pepino Mosaic Virus on Greenhouse Tomatoes HTML
Pest Management Factsheets HTML
Preparing a Business Plan: A Guide for Agricultural Producers: Greenhouse Vegetable  HTML
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