Ministry of Agriculture & Lands

BC Organic Financial Programs

  • BC Organic Sector Development Program: The BC Organic Sector Development Program is a three-year (2002/03-2004/05) Strategic Plan and accompanying project fund. One million dollars will be allocated to projects that fulfil priorities identified in the Organic Sector Initiative Strategic (OSDP) Plan. The priorities are:

    • production capacity 
    • marketplace development and promotion
    • organic environmental stewardship

    Contact the administrator for information about how to apply for funding, to obtain a copy of the strategic plan and other publications related to this initiative, to learn about the approval process, or to get a list of approved projects.

    Administrator: Paddy Doherty
    Certified Organic Associations of BC
    Program website
    Phone: (250) 747-3287 or Email

  • The Investment Agriculture Foundation of B.C. invests federal and provincial funds in innovative projects for the benefit of British Columbia's agriculture and agri-foods industry. A number of funding programs are accessible. IAF investments assist the industry to innovate, seize new opportunities, and deal with emerging issues and changing market conditions. Funding is not available for farm/business start-up or expansion.