Ministry of Agriculture

About Pesticides

Pesticide Names

    Pesticides are named three ways: by active ingredient, by trade name, and by chemical name.

    • The active ingredient is the chemical that controls the pest. The name of the active ingredient is also known as the common name and is written beside the guarantee on a pesticide label.
    • The trade name is the brand name that the manufacturer gives to the pesticide. The trade name is the prominent name on the front of a pesticide label. Pesticides with different trade names can contain the same active ingredient, and some pesticides have more than one active ingredient.
    • The chemical name is the name of the chemical structure of the active ingredient and is used by scientists.
    For Example:
             Roundup = trade name of a herbicide
             N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine = chemical name of the active ingredient in Roundup


    To search for pesticides registered in Canada and view their labels, please refer to the Pesticide Label Search page on the PMRA website.