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About Pesticides

Pesticide Names

    Pesticides are named three ways: by active ingredient, by trade name, and by chemical name.

    • The active ingredient is the chemical that controls the pest. The name of the active ingredient is also known as the common name and is written beside the guarantee on a pesticide label.
    • The trade name is the brand name that the manufacturer gives to the pesticide. The trade name is the prominent name on the front of a pesticide label. Pesticides with different trade names can contain the same active ingredient, and some pesticides have more than one active ingredient.
    • The chemical name is the name of the chemical structure of the active ingredient and is used by scientists.
    For Example:
             Roundup = trade name of a herbicide
             N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine = chemical name of the active ingredient in Roundup

    The pesticides in the table below include those in the B.C. Crop Production Guides. The list does not include all registered pesticides or U.S. products. The pesticides are listed alphabetically by active ingredient. If you do not know the active ingredient, check the pesticide label beside the guarantee or search the table for the trade name.

    The "chemical group column indicates the chemical group or family the active ingredient is in.

    The "certification" column indicates whether a farmer needs a pesticide applicator certificate to buy or use the pesticide. "WS" in this column means WorkerSafe BC requires an applicator certificate to use the pesticide. "MoE" in the column means the BC Ministry of Environment requires an applicator certificate to purchase or use the pesticide. "Label" in the column means the label says the pesticide can only be used by a certified applicator.

    Disclaimer: Please read the pesticide label prior to use. The information contained at this web site is not a substitute for a pesticide label. Trade names used on this site are for convenience only. No endorsement of products is intended, nor is criticism of unnamed products implied.

    Table of active ingredients (current to Dec. 2006)

    Note - for an up-to-date list of pesticides registered in Canada, please refer to the Product Information page on the PMRA website.

    Active Ingredient Trade Names Type Chemical Group Certification*
    1-bromo-3-chloro-5,5-dimethylhydantoin Agribrom algaecide & disinfectant Urea derivative no
    2,4-D Amine Many herbicide Phenoxy Acid no (Ag. uses)
    2,4-D low volatile ester Many herbicide Phenoxy Acid no (Ag. uses)
    2,4-DB Caliber, Cobutox, Embutox herbicide Phenoxy Acid no
    2,4-D + fenoxaprop-p-ethyl + MCPA + thifensulfuron methyl Champion Plus herbicide Phenoxy + aryloxphenoxy propionate + phenoxy acid + sulfonylurea no
    abamectin Agri-mek, Avid miticide Avermectin, Alcohol WS
    acephate Orthene, Acecap insecticide Organophosphate no
    acetamiprid Assail insecticide Chloro-nicotinyl no
    acetic acid EcoClear herbicide Organic Acid no
    Agrobacterium radiobacter Dygall bactericide Microbial no
    aluminum phosphide Gastoxin, Phostoxin insecticide; rodenticide Inorganic MoE & WS
    amitraz Mitac insecticide Triazapentadiene MoE & WS
    amitrole Amitrol herbicide Triazole no
    ancymidol A-Rest plant growth regulator   no
    anilazine Dyrene fungicide Triazine no
    atrazine AAtrex, Atrazine herbicide Triazine no
    atrazine & bentazon Laddok herbicide Triazine & Benzothiadiazole no
    atrazine & metolachlor Primextra 11 herbicide Triazine & Chloroacetamide no
    azinphos-methyl Sniper, Guthion insecticide Organophosphate MoE & WS
    azoxystrobin Quadris, Heritage fungicide Strobilurin no
    Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) Dipel, Foray, Bioprotec, Vectobac, Thuricide insecticide microbial no (Ag. uses)
    bendiocarb Ficam insecticide Carbamate WS
    bensulide Betasan, Prefar, Proturt herbicide None WS
    bentazon Basagran, Laddock herbicide Benzothiadiazole no
    boscalid Lance fungicide Anilide no
    brodifacoum Final, Jaguer, Ratak, Talon rodenticide Coumarin WS
    bromadiolone Bromone, Just One Bite, Maki, Ratoxin, Rat-X B rodenticide Coumarin WS
    bromethalin Assault, Terminator rodenticide Benzenamine MoE & WS
    bromoxynil Compus, Koril, Pardner herbicide Nitrile WS
    bromoxynil + MCPA Badge, Brominal, Bromox, Buctril M,  Mextrol, Platinum herbicide Nitrile / Phenoxy Acid WS
    bromoxynil + 2,4-D ester Thumper herbicide Nitrile / Phenoxy Acid WS
    captan Captan, Maestro fungicide Phthalimide no
    captan + diazinon + thiophanate-methyl DCT insecticide / fungicide Phthalic Acid + Organophosphate + Benzimidazole WS
    captan + thiophanate methyl Caption CT fungicide Phthalic Acid + Benzimidazole no
    carbaryl Sevin, Vet-Tek and others insecticide Carbamate WS
    carbathiin Vitaflo 250, Vitavax Flowable fungicide Carboxamide no
    carbathiin + captan Vitavax-captan fungicide Carboxamide + Phthalimide no
    carbathiin + clothianidin + thiram + metalaxyl Prosper fungicide / insecticide Acylalanine + Carboxamide + Dithiocarbamate + Neonicotinoid no
    carbathiin + imidacloprid + thiram Gaucho fungicide / insecticide Carboxamide + Dithiocarbamate + Neonicotinoid WS
    carbathiin + oxycarboxin + thiram Arrest, Arrest Dry fungicide Carboxamide + Dithiocarbamate no
    carbathiin + thiabendazole Crown fungicide Carboxamide + Benzimidazole no
    carbathiin + thiram Anchor, Pro Gro, Vitaflo 220, Vitaflo 280, Vitaflo 200, Vitavax Powder, Vitavax RS fungicide Carboxamide + Dithiocarbamate no
    carbofuran Furadan insecticide Carbamate MoE & WS
    chloroneb Proturf, Terraneb SP fungicide Chlorophenol no
    chlorophacinone Rozol, KsC5, Ground Force, Gopher Doom, Ratol, Rat-XC, Superbloc rodenticide & deer repellant Indanedione WS
    chlorothalonil Bravo, Daconil, Exotherm Termil, Tattoo fungicide Chloronitrile no
    chlorothalonil + propamocarb HCl Tattoo fungicide Chloronitrile + Carbamate no
    chlorpropham Sprou Nip, Potato Sprout Inhibitor, Spud Nic growth regulator Carbamate no
    chlorpyrifos 3M Livestock Premise Spray, Dursban, Disvap Mec, Lorsban, Pyrifos, Pyrate, Pyrinex insecticide Organophosphate Yes - Label
    chlormequat chloride Cycocel plant growth regulator Chlorinated Hydrocarbon no
    clethodim Compas, Centurion, Select herbicide Cyclohexanedione no
    clodinafop-propargyl Horizon, Grass Herbicide herbicide Aryloxyphenoxy Acids no
    clodinafop-propargyl + thifensulfuron-methyl + tribenuron-methyl Harmony Total herbicide Aryloxyphenoxy Acids + Sulfonylurea + Sulfonylurea no
    clofentezine Apollo miticide Tetrazine no
    clopyralid Lontrel herbicide Carboxylic Acid no
    clopyralid + glyphosate Eclipse herbicide Carboxylic acid + Glycine no
    clopyralid + MCPA ester Curtail, Flaxmax, Prestige, Prevail, Spectrum herbicide Carboxylic Acid + Phenoxy Acid no
    clothianidin Clutch, Poncho insecticide nitroguanidine no
    clothianidin + carbathiin + thiram + metalaxyl Prosper insecticide / fungicide Acylalanine + Carboxamide + Dithiocarbamate + Neonicotinoid no
    copper 8-quinolinolate PQ-57 Wood Preservative insecticide, fungicide Inorganic no
    copper hydroxide Coppercide, Kocide, Parasol fungicide Inorganic no
    copper oxychloride Copper Spray, Fixed copper, Copper oxychloride fungicide Inorganic no
    copper sulphate Cupric sulphate, Algi-Boss, Think Purity, Biodex, Polypro, Polydex, Copper sulphate fungicide / algicide Inorganic WS
    cyfluthrin CyLent ear tag insecticide Pyrethroid WS
    cyhalothrin-lambda Matador, Demand, Saber Ear Tag, Warrior insecticide Pyrethroid WS
    cymoxanil Curzate fungicide Cyanoacetamide-
    cymoxanil + famoxadone Tanos fungicide Cyanoacetimide-
    oxine + Oxazolidinedione
    cypermethrin Cymbush, Ripcord, Eliminator EarTags insecticide Pyrethroid WS
    cyprodinil Vangard fungicide Anilino Pyrimidine no
    cyromazine Citation insecticide Triazine no
    daminozide B-Nine plant growth regulator Organic acid no
    dazomet Basamid fumigant, nematicide Dithiocarbamate WS
    deltamethrinDecis insecticide Pyrethroid WS
    desmedipham + phenmedipham Betamix herbicide Phenyl-Carbamate + Phenyl-Carbamate No
    diazinon Basudin, Diazinon, DZN, Diazol, Protector, Proturf, Y-TEX Optimizer insecticide Organophosphate WS
    diazinon + captan Potato Seed Piece treatment, Agrox B-2, Agrox CD insecticide / fungicide Organophosphate + Phthalic Acid WS
    diazinon + captan + thiophanate-methyl DCT Dual insecticide / fungicide Organophosphate + Phthalic Acid + Benzimidazole WS
    diazinon + cypermethrin Eliminator insecticide / ear tag Organophosphate + Pyrethroid WS
    dicamba Banvel, Banvel II, DyCleer, Oracle, Proturf KOG, Vanquish herbicide Benzoic acid no
    dicamba + atrazine Marksman herbicide Benzoic Acid + Triazine no
    dicamba + glyphosate Rustler hebicide Benzoic Acid + Glycine no
    dicamba + MCPA Dyvel, Pal herbicide Benzoic acid + Phenoxy No
    dicamba + mecoprop
    + 2, 4-D
    Killex, Par III, Weedaway, Premium 3-Way, Trillion, Tri-Kill, DyVel, Target DS herbicide Benzoic Acid + Phenoxy no
    dicamba + mecoprop Sword, Tracker herbicide Benzoic Acid + Phenoxy no
    dicamba + mecoprop + MCPA Target herbicide Benzoic acid + Phenoxy + Phenoxy no
    dicamba + 2, 4-D Dyclear herbicide Benzoic Acid + Phenoxy no
    dichlobenil Casoron, Stryke herbicide Nitrile no
    diclofop-methyl Hoe-Grass 284 herbicide Aryloxyphenoxy-propionate no
    diclofop-methyl + bromoxynil Hoe-Grass II herbicide Aryloxyphenoxy-propionate + Nitrile WS
    dicloran Botran, Allisan fungicide Nitro derivative no
    dichloropropene Telone II fumigant   MoE& WS
    dichloropropene + chlorpicrin Telone C17 fumigant   MoE & WS
    dichlorprop + 2,4-D Dichlorprop-D, Diphenoprop Plus, Estaprop, Turboprop herbicide carboxylic acid + Phenoxy no
    dichlorvos DDVP Plant Fume, Disvap, DDVP, Vapona, Vaportape IIinsecticide Organophosphate WS
    dichlorvos + pyrethrins + piperonyl butoxide Disvap III, Barn and Livestock Spray insecticide Organophosphate + Pyrethrin WS
    dichlorvos + pyrethrins + piperonyl butoxide + di-n-propylisocinchomeronate Emul Plus No3 insecticide Organophosphate + Pyrethrin+ P450-dependent monooxygenase inhibitor WS
    dicofol Kelthane miticide Organochlorine no
    didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride Chemprocide algaecide & disinfectant Quaternary ammonium WS
    didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride + dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride Verticide disinfectant Quarternary ammonium No
    difenoconazole Dividend 360FS fungicide Triazole no
    difenocanazole + metalaxyl-M Dividend XL fungicide Triazole + Acylalanine no
    difenoconazole + metalaxyl-M + fludioxonil Tribune fungicide Triazole + Acylalanine + Phenylpyrrole no
    difenoconazole + thiamethoxam + metalaxyl-M + fludioxonil Helix fungicide / insecticide Triazole + Neonicotinoid + Acylalanine + Phenylpyrrole no
    difenzoquat Avenge 200-C herbicide Quaternary ammonium WS
    diflubenzuron Dimilin insecticide Substituted benzoylurea no
    dimethoate Cygon, Dimethoate, Lagon, Di-Thioate insecticide Organophosphate WS
    dimethomorph Acrobat fungicide Morpholine no
    dimethomorph + mancozeb Acrobat MZ fungicide Morpholine + Dithiocarbamate no
    dinocap + mancozeb Dikar fungicide Dithiocarbamate + Dinitrophenyl crotonate no
    diphacinone Diphacin, Diphacinone, Dipha-Tox, Ditrac, Gardex,  Ramik Green, Ramik Brown, Tomcat, Trap-N-A-Sak and others rodenticide Indanedione WS
    diquat Reglone, Reward herbicide Bipyridylium WS
    diuron Diurex, Diuron, Karmex herbicide Urea no
    dodemorph-acetate Meltatox fungicide Morpholine no
    dodine Equal 65% fungicide Guanidine no
    endosulfan Thiodan, Thionex insecticide Organochlorine WS
    EPTC Eptam, Eradicane herbicide Thiocarbamate no
    ethalfluralin Edge, Edge DC herbicide Dinitroaniline no
    ethametsulfuron-methyl Muster, Muster Toss N herbicide Sulfonylurea no
    ethephon Ethrel, Cerone plant growth regulator   no
    etridiazole Truban fungicide Thiadiazole WS
    famoxadone + cymoxanil Tanos fungicide Cycinoacetimide-oxime + Oxazolidinedione no
    fatty acids Insecticidal & Herbicidal Soaps insecticide Fatty Acid no
    fenbuconazole Indar fungicide Triazole no
    fenbutatin-oxide Vendex miticide Organometallic  
    fenhexamid Elevate, Decree fungicide Hydroxyanilide no
    fenoxaprop-p-ethyl Puma Super, Excel Super, Acclaim Super, OnePass herbicide Aryloxyphenoxy propionate no
    fenoxaprop-p-ethyl + bromoxynil + MCPA Laser, Laser Classic herbicide Aryloxphenoxy propionate, nitrile, Phenoxy acid  
    fenoxaprop-p-ethyl + MCPA + thifensulfuron methyl Triumph Plus herbicide Aryloxphenoxy propionate, Phenoxy acid + Sulfonylurea  
    fenoxaprop-p-ethyl + MCPA + 2,4-D + thifensulfuron methyl Champion Plus herbicide Aryloxphenoxy propionate, Phenoxy acid, Phenoxy + Sulfonylurea  
    fenaoxprop-p-ethyl + thfensulfuron methyl + tribenuron methyl Champion Extra herbicide Aryloxphenoxy propionate + Sulfonylurea + Sulfonylurea  
    ferbam Ferbam fungicide Dithiocarbamate no
    florasulam + glyphosate Prepass herbicide Triazolopyrimidine + Glycine no
    florasulam + MCPA ester Frontline herbicide Triazolopyrimidine + Aryloxphenoxy Propionate no
    fluazifop-p-butyl Venture herbicide Aryloxyphenoxy propionate no
    fludioxonil + difenoconazole + metalaxyl-M Tribune fungicide Phenylpyrrole + Triazole + Acylalanine no
    fludioxonil + difenoconazole + thiamethoxam + metalaxyl-M Helix fungicide / insecticide Phenylpyrrole + Triazole + Neonicotinoid + Acylalanine no
    fluroxypyr Starane herbicide Carboxylic acid no
    fluroxypyr + 2,4-D ester Attain herbicide Carboxylic acid + Phenoxy no
    fluroxypyr + MCPA ester Trophy herbicide Carboxylic acid + Phenoxy no
    fluroxypyr + clopyralid + MCPA ester Prestige herbicide Carboxylic acid + Carboxylic acid + Phenoxy no
    flusilazole Nustar fungicide Triazole no
    folpet Folpan 50W, Folpet 50WP fungicide Phthalimide no
    formaldehyde Formalin, Paraformaldehyde fungicide, fumigant   yes-label
    formetanate hydrochloride Carzol insecticide / miticide Carbamate MoE, WS
    fosetyl-aluminum Aliette fungicide Organometallic no
    gibberellic acid Activol, Falgro plant growth regulator   no
    gibberellins + benazladenine Accel, Promalin, Fascination plant growth regulator   no
    glufosinate ammonium Liberty, Ignite, Harvest herbicide None no
    glyphosate Roundup, Touchdown, Victor, Laredo, Wrangler, Manage, Credit, Renegade, Cutter, Vantage, Bronco, Maverick, Deputy, Outlaw, Shootout, Holster herbicide Glycine no
    glyphosate + 2,4-D Focus, Rustler herbicide Glycine + Phenoxy no
    glyphosate + dicamba Rustler herbicide Glycine + Benzoic acid no
    glyphosate + florasulam Prepass herbicide Glycine + Triazolopyrimidine no
    Heterorhabditis megidis Nemasys H insecticide Microbial no
    hexazinone Velpar, Pronone herbicide Triazinone no
    imazamethabenz Assert 300SC herbicide Imidazolinone no
    imazamox + imazethapyr Odyssey herbicide Imidazolinone + Imidazolinone no
    imazethapyr Pursuit herbicide Imidazolinone no
    imazethapyr + pendimenthalin Valor herbicide Imadazolinone + Dinitroaniline  
    imidacloprid Alias, Impower, Admire, Merit, Gaucho, Intercept, Genesis insecticide Chloro-nicotinyl WS
    imidacloprid + carbathiin + thiram Gaucho insecticide / fungicide Neonicotiniod + Carboxamide + Dithiocarbamate WS
    iprodione Rovral, Proturf fungicide Dicarboximide no
    isoxaben Gallery 75 DF herbicide Benzamide no
    kinoprene Enstar II insect growth regulator Miscellaneous no
    kresoxim-methyl Sovran fungicide Strobilurin no
    lime sulphur Lime Sulphur fungicide Inorganic no
    linuron Afolan, Linuron, Lorox herbicide Urea no
    malathion Cythion, Malathion, Grain Protectant, Fyfanon, Backrubber insecticide Organophosphate no
    maleic hydrazide Royal MH 60, Sprout-stop plant growth regulator    
    mancozeb Dithane, MancoPlus, Penncozeb, Manzate, Tuberseal, Protect T/O fungicide Dithiocarbamate no
    mancozeb + dimethomorph Acrobat MZ fungicide Dithiocarbamate + Morpholine no
    mancozeb + dinocap Dikar fungicide Dithiocarbamate + Organometallic no
    mancozeb + metalaxyl-M Ridomil Gold MZ fungicide Dithiocarbamate + Acylalanine no
    mancozeb + zoxamide Gavel fungicide Dithiocarbamate + Benzamide no
    maneb Maneb, DB Red, Dithane M-22 fungicide Dithiocarbamate no
    MCPA + MCPB Tropotox Plus herbicide Phenoxy no
    MCPA dimethylamine MCPA Amine, Weedar, Estemine herbicide Phenoxy no
    MCPA dimethyl amine + dicamba + mecoprop Target, Sword, Tracker, Killex herbicide Phenoxy + Benzoic acid + Phenoxy no
    MCPA ester MCPA ester, Checkmate herbicide Phenoxy no
    MCPA ester + bromoxynil Badge, Brominal, Bromox, Buctril M, Mextrol, Platinum, Logic herbicide Phenoxy + Nitrile WS
    MCPA ester + clopyralid Curtail, Flaxmax, Prestige, Prevail, Spectrum herbicide Carboxylic Acid + Phenoxy Acid no
    MCPA ester + fenoxaprop-p-ethyl + thifensulfuron methyl Triumph Plus herbicide Aryloxphenoxy propionate + Phenoxy acid + Sulfonylurea  
    MCPA ester + fenoxaprop-p-ethyl + 2,4-D + thifensulfuron methyl Champion Plus herbicide Aryloxphenoxy propionate + Phenoxy acid + Phenoxy  
    MCPA ester + fenoxaprop-p-ethyl + bromoxynil Laser, Laser Classic herbicide Aryloxphenoxy propionate + nitrile + Phenoxy acid  
    MCPA ester + florasulam Frontline herbicide Aryloxphenoxy propionate + Triazolopyrimidine  
    MCPA ester + fluroxypyr Trophy herbicide Phenoxy + Carboxylic acid  
    MCPA potassium salt MCPA Potassium, MCPA-K herbicide Phenoxy no
    MCPA potassium salt + dicamba Dyvel, Pal herbicide Phenoxy + Benzoic acid no
    MCPA sodium salt MCPA Sodium, Broadex herbicide Phenoxy no
    MCPB Tropotox Selective herbicide Phenoxy no
    MCPB + MCPA Tropotox Plus, Topside, Clovitox Plus herbicide Phenoxy no
    mecoprop Mecoprop, Compitox herbicide Phenoxy no
    mecoprop + MCPA dimethyl amine + dicamba Target, Sword, Tracker, Killex herbicide Phenoxy + Benzoic acid + Phenoxy no
    mefenoxam (s-isomer) + metalaxy-M Ridomil 480 GoldEC, Apron XL LS, Subdue MAXX fungicide Acylalanines no
    metalaxyl Ridomil 2G, Ridomil 240 EC, Apron XL, Ridomil, Subdue 2G fungicide Acylalanines no
    metalaxyl-M + chlorothalonil Ridomil Gold, Bravo fungicide Acylalanines + Chloronitriles no
    metalaxyl-M + difenoconazole Dividend XL fungicide Acylalanine + Triazole no
    metalaxyl-M + mancozeb Ridomil Gold MZ fungicide Acylalanine + Dithiocarbamate no
    metaldehyde Slug Bait, Deadline molluscicide    
    metam sodium Vapam fumigant, nematicide   WS
    methamidophos Monitor 480L insecticide Organophosphate MoE, WS
    methomyl Lannate insecticide Carbamate MoE, WS
    methomyl + Z-9 tricosene Starbar, Apache, Stimukil, Blue Streak insecticide Carbamate  
    methoxyfenozide Intrepid insecticide Amide/ Aniline no
    methoprene Apex insect growth regulator Miscellaneous  
    methyl bromide Methyl Bromide fumigant Halogenated Hydrocarbons MoE, WS
    methyl bromide & chloropicrin Terro-O-Gas fumigant Halogenated Hydrocarbons + Nitrochloroform MoE, WS
    metiram Polyram fungicide Dithiocarbamate no
    metolachlor/ s-metolachlor Dual Magnum, Dual II Magnum herbicide Chloroacetamide no
    metolachlor + atrazine Primextra II Magnum herbicide Chloroacetamide + Triazine  
    metribuzin Lexone, Sencor, Evict herbicide Triazinone no
    metribuzin + tribenuron methyl Crossfire herbicide Triazinone + Sulfonylurea  
    metsulfuron methyl Ally, Escort, metsulfuron methyl EUP Toss-N-Go herbicide Sulfonylurea no
    mineral & vegetable oil Horticulture Oil, Superior Oil, Dormant Oil insecticide Oil no
    myclobutanil Nova, Eagle WSP Turf & Ornamental fungicide fungicide Triazoles no
    NAA Fruit Fix, Fruitone, NAA plant growth regulator   no
    naled Dibrom insecticide / miticide Organophosphate yes-label
    napropamide Devrinol herbicide Acetamide  
    naptalam Alanap-3 herbicide Phthalamate  
    napthalene acetamide Amid Thin plant growth regulator   no
    nicosulfuron Accent herbicide Sulfonylurea no
    nicotine Plant-Fume, Nicotine insecticide Nicotine WS
    oxadiazon Ronstar 2G herbicide Oxadiazole  
    oxamyl Vydate insecticide / miticide / nematicide Carbamate MoE, WS
    oxine benzoate No-Damp fungicide   no
    oxycarboxin HRC Liquid fungicide Anilide (Oxathiin)  
    oxycarboxin + carbathiin + thiram Arrest fungicide Carboxamide + Dithiocarbamate no
    oxyfluorfen Goal herbicide Diphenylether MoE, WS
    paclobutrazol Bonzi plant growth regulator    
    paraquat Gramoxone herbicide Bipyridylium WS
    pendimethalin Prowl herbicide Dinitroaniline no
    pendimenthalin + imazethapyr Valor herbicide Dinitroaniline + Imadazolinone  
    permethrin Ambush, Pounce, Ectiban, Sentinel, Delice, Vitolice insecticide Pyrethroid WS
    permethrin + pryethrins + piperonyl butoxide Disvap V insecticide Pyrethroid + Pyrethrins + P450-dependent monooxygenase inhibitors  
    piperonyl butoxide + dichlorvos + pyrethrins Disvap III insecticide P450-dependent monooxygenase inhibitors + Organophosphate + Pyrethrins  
    phenmediphan + desmedipham Betamix herbicide Phenyl-Carbamate + Phenyl-Carbamate  
    phosalone Zolone insecticide Organophosphate WS
    phosmet Imidan, Louse Kill insecticide Organophosphate WS
    pirimicarb Pirimor, Pirliss insecticide Carbamate WS
    prohexadione ca Apogee growth regulator Cyclohexanetrione no
    prometryne Gesagard, Prometryn herbicide Triazine  
    propamocarb hydrochloride Previcur fungicide Carbamate no
    propamocarb HCl + chlorothalonil Tattoo C fungicide Carbamate + Chloronitrile no
    propanil Stampede EDF herbicide Amide  
    propiconazole Topas, Tilt, Banner, Alamo, Safetray, Mission, Bumper, Pivot fungicide Triazoles conazoles no
    propiconazole + azoxystrobin Quilt fungicide Triazolesconazoles + Strobilurin no
    propyzamide Kerb 50W herbicide Chloroacetamide  
    putrescent whole egg solids Deer-Away, Big Game Repellent repellents    
    pyraclostrobin Cabrio, Headline fungicide Strobilurin no
    pyrethrins P-100 Mushroom House Insecticide insecticide Pyrethrins  
    pyrethrins + piperonyl butoxide Many (Dairy and Cattle spray) insecticide Pyrethrins + P450-dependent monooxygenase inhibitors  
    pyrethrins + piperonyl butoxide + dichlorvos Disvap III insecticide Pyrethrins + P450-dependent monooxygenase inhibitors + Organophosphate  
    pyrethrins + piperonyl butoxide + malathion Clean Crop Mushroom Fly Dust insecticide Pyrethrins + P450-dependent monooxygenase inhibitors + Organophosphate  
    pyridaben Nexter, DYNO-Mite, Sanmite insecticide / miticide Pyridazinone no
    quinclorac Accord herbicide Quinolineacid  
    quinclorac +thifensulfuron methyl + tribenuron methyl Triton C herbicide Quinolineacid + Sulfonylurea + Sulfonylurea  
    quintozene (PCNB) Quintozene, Terraclor, Crusoe fungicide Chlorophenyl  
    rimsulfuron Prism herbicide Sulfonylurea  
    sethoxydim Poast, Poast Ultra herbicide Cyclohexanedione no
    simazine Princep, Simadex, Simazine, Simanex herbicide Triazine no
    soaps Trounce, Purab, Zap!, Neudosan Commercial, Opal insecticide / herbicide Fatty Acid no
    spinosad Success, Entrust, GF-140, Conserve insecticide Miscellaneous no
    Steinernema feltiae Nemasys insecticide Microbial no
    stoddard solvent Agricultural Weedkillero.1 herbicide    
    streptomycin sulfate Streptomycin 17 fungicide Antibiotic no
    strychnine Rodent Bait, Gopher Getter, Gopher Cop rodenticide   MoE, WS
    sulphur Lime Sulphur, Sulphur, Kumulus, Micro Sulphur, Dri-Kill fungicide Inorganic no
    tebuconazole + thiram Raxil T fungicide Triazoles + Dithiocarbamate no
    tebufenozide Confirm insecticide Amide/ Aniline no
    tefluthrin Force 3.0G insecticide Synethetic pyrethroid  
    terbacil Sinbar herbicide Uracil no
    terbufos Counter insecticide / nematicide Organophosphate MoE, WS
    tetrachlorvinphos Ectogard ear tag insecticide Organophosphate  
    thiabendazole Mertect fungicide Benzimidazole no
    thiabendazole + carbathiin Crown fungicide Benzimidazole + Carboxamide no
    thiamethoxam + difenoconazole + metalaxyl-M + fludioxonil Helix insecticide / fungicide Neonicontinoid + Triazole + Acylalanine + Phenylpyrrole no
    thifensulfuron methyl Refine, Pinnacle, Freedom herbicide Sulfonylurea no
    thifensulfuron methyl + tribenuron methyl Refine Extra herbicide Sulfonylurea + Sulfonylurea no
    thifensulfuron methyl + tribenuron methyl + quinclorac Triton C herbicide Sulfonylurea + Sulfonylurea + Quinolineacid no
    thifensulfuron methyl + MCPA ester + fenoxaprop-p-ethyl Triumph Plus herbicide Sulfonylurea + Phenoxy acid + Aryloxphenoxy propionate  
    thifensulfuron methyl + tribenuron methyl + fenaoxprop-p-ethyl Champion Extra herbicide Sulfonylurea + Sulfonylurea + Aryloxphenoxy propionate  
    thifensulfuron-methyl + tribenuron-methyl + clodinafop-propargyl Harmony Total herbicide Sulfonylurea + Sulfonylurea + Aryloxyphenoxy Acids  
    thiophanate methyl Senator fungicide Benzimidazole no
    thiophanate methyl + captan Caption CT fungicide Benzimidazole + Phthalic Acid no
    thiophanate-methyl + diazinon + captan DCT insecticide / fungicide Benzimidazole + Organophosphate + Phthalic Acid WS
    thiophanate methyl + imidacloprid + mancozeb Genesis XT fungicide Benzimidazole + Chloro-nicotinyl + Dithiocarbamate no
    thiram Thiram, Skoot, Ropellent fungicide / rodenticide Dithiocarbamate no
    thiram + carbathiin Vitaflo, Anchor Vitavax fungicide Dithiocarbamate + Carboxamide no
    thiram + carbathiin + oxycarboxin Arrest fungicide Dithiocarbamate + Carboxamide no
    thiram + carbathiin + imidacloprid Gaucho fungicide / insecticide Dithiocarbamate + Carboxamide + Neonicotinoid WS
    thiram + carbathiin + clothianidin + metalaxyl Prosper fungicide / insecticide Dithiocarbamate + Carboxamide + Neonicotinoid + Acylalanine no
    thiram + tebuconazole Raxil T fungicide Dithiocarbamate + Triazoles no
    thiram + triticonazole Gemini fungicide Dithiocarbamate + Triazoles no
    tralkoxydim Affirm, Achieve herbicide Cyclohexanedione no
    tralkoxydim + bromoxynil + MCPA Achieve Extra Gold herbicide Cyclohexanedione + Nitrile + Phenoxy WS
    tralkoxydim + clopyralid + MCPA Prevail herbicide Cyclohexanedione + Carboxylic acid + Phenoxy no
    triadimenol Baytan 30 fungicide Triazoles conazoles no
    triallate Avadex herbicide Thiocarbamate no
    triallate + trifluralin Fortress, MON 7985 herbicide Thiocarbamate + Dinitroaniline no
    tribasic copper sulphate Copper 53W fungicide Inorganic no
    tribenuron methyl TMB75 herbicide Sulfonylurea no
    tribenuron methyl + 2,4-D Express herbicide Sulfonylurea + Phenoxy Acid no
    tribenuron methyl + metribuzin Crossfire herbicide Sulfonylurea + Triazinone  
    tribenuron-methyl + thifensulfuron-methyl + clodinafop-propargyl Harmony Total herbicide Sulfonylurea + Sulfonylurea + Aryloxyphenoxy Acids no
    tribenuron methyl + thifensulfuron methyl Refine Extra, Refine SG herbicide Sulfonylurea + Sulfonylurea  
    tribenuron methyl + thfensulfuron methyl + fenaoxprop-p-ethyl Champion Extra herbicide Sulfonylurea + Sulfonylurea + Aryloxphenoxy propionate  
    tribenuron methyl + thifensulfuron methyl + quinclorac Triton C herbicide Sulfonylurea + Sulfonylurea + Quinolineacid  
    trichlorfon Dylox, Neguvon insecticide Organophosphate  
    trifluralin Advance, Bonanza, Rival, Treflan, Triflurex, Trifluralin, Bio-Barrier herbicide Dinitroaniline no
    trifluralin + triallate Fortress, MON-7985 herbicide Dinitroaniline + Thiocarbamate  
    triforine Funginex fungicide Piperazine no
    trinexapac-ethyl Primo MAXX plant growth regulator Cyclohexanedione  
    triticonazole + thiram Gemini fungicide Triazoles + Dithiocarbamate no
    uniconazole Sumagic plant growth regulator Triazole no
    vinclozolin Ronilan fungicide Dicarboximide no
    warfarin Warfarin, Rat and Mouse Bait rodenticide Hydroxycoumarin  
    warfarin + sulfaquinoxaline Rat and Mouse Poison rodenticide Hydroxycoumarin + Quinoxaline  
    zinc phosphide Mouse-Bait, Burrow Oat Bait, Rodent Bait, Rodent Pellets, ZIP RTU Bait, ZP, Gopher-Rid, Z-phos rodenticide   WS
    zineb Zineb fungicide Dithiocarbamate no
    ziram Ziram fungicide Dithiocarbamate no
    zoxamide + mancozeb Gavel fungicide Benzamide + Dithiocarbamate no
    *WS: WorkerSafe BC requires an applicator certificate to use the pesticide
    MoE: B.C. Ministry of Environment requires an applicator certificate to purchase or use the pesticide.