Ministry of Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture Management

The ministry’s regional support program provides regional sector support in emergency preparedness and coordination, agri-food business development, First Nations agriculture development, youth development, agroforestry and range use development, and the Regional Agrologist Network.

The ministry identifies and promotes agriculture and food production systems that are environmentally sustainable by incorporating the best management practices to protect soil, water, air and biodiversity quality through a variety of programs and initiatives. The Branch monitors environmental indicators to anticipate and respond to future threats to the environment from current agriculture practices and threats to agriculture from environmental and climate changes.

Through the leadership of the Strengthening Farming Program, and in support of the Farm Practices Protection Act, the ministry also promotes strong working relationships between the province, agricultural industry and local governments. The Program works toward a positive planning and regulatory climate within local government jurisdictions to encourage investment in agriculture, food and fisheries, and to foster consistant approaches to solving urban/agricultural land use conflicts.