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Nutrient Management Reference Guide

The Nutrient Management Reference Guide is for planners and agricultural producers in British Columbia desiring to do a Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) for their farm.

Developing a NMP is intended to help farmers optimize their crop  nutrient usage, while protecting valuable soil, water, and air resources.  In addition to the economic and environmental benefits, Nutrient Management Planning is a valuable educational process that helps to ensure a farmer is in compliance with all relevant legislation.

The Nutrient Management Plan has been developed as a subcomponent of the Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) process. It is recommended that farmers first do an Environmental Farm Plan and then do a Nutrient Management Plan if directed to do so by the EFP process. This Guide is one of a number of publications prepared to support the implementation of the
Canada - BC Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) Program.

Download the entire Nutrient Management Reference Guide, 2nd edition (November 2010) in Adobe PDF format (4.1 MB file)

You can also download the Guide by individual sections using the links below. These various section of the Guide are in Adobe PDF format.

What's New
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Data Collection
Chapter 3 - Nutrient Optimization
Chapter 4 - NMP Calculators
Chapter 5 - Assembling the Plan
Chapter 6 - Record Keeping and Monitoring

Nutrient Management Factsheets