Ministry of Agriculture

Agricultural Land Use Inventory Projects

In 1996, the Ministry undertook an agricultural GIS pilot project with the District of Pitt Meadows.  The purpose of the pilot was to consider the information and tools needed to promote and plan for agriculture using GIS.       

Since the success of the pilot project, the Ministry has supported land use inventory and GIS work in various jurisdictions. In several areas, land use inventory work has been conducted in multiple years, allowing for comparisons over time.

Where available, links are provided to completed Land Use Inventory reports and maps:

  • Fraser Valley Regional District   (Hatzic Prairie/McConnell Creek area) 
    (1997 and 2001)

  • Greater Terrace Region (ALUI)  (2012)
     2012 LUI Report  (PDF, 3.1 MB)
     2012 LUI Maps  (PDF, 15.5 MB)